Makeup collection – Face products

Makeup Collection - Face products

 Makeup collection – first post of this series, about what products I use for the face makeup and a few words about them. |short reviews & photos|

      A very good morning ladies!!! Because it’s the beginning of a new year, I wanted to make an overview over my make-up collection.

      So…I think it’s a very good chance to show you what products I own and a few words about them. If everything goes well, the entire month of January will be dedicated to this subject.

Face products:

When we talk about the face make-up, I cannot say that this is my sensitive spot. I don’t have all kind of foundations, with all possible textures, from all the existing brands and so on.

I just own a few products that I like them and they are good for my face.

A part of them are already part of my all time favorites, but I must admit I still keep an eye open for possible, future new incomers.

Face products – moisturizers:

1. The „Perfect Picture” serum from Kiko: I have it from my friend BB and I use it every morning, because it has a light texture and it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. I don’t see real benefits after using it, so I will not buy another product like this.

Perfect Picture-Kiko ealeganus

2. Mattifying Moisturizing Cream from Farmec: it is a Romanian brand and by far, it’s one of my all time favorites. With a special formula for oily/combined skin, gives me the daily hydration of the skin, without making it oily.

Farmec ealeganus

3. Repair Gel from Ioma: as I said, I have it since acne was a big problem for me. Now I use it as make-up base and after it’s finished, I will not repurchase it. Not because is not good, but my skin doesn’t need it anymore.

Repair Gel-Ioma ealeganus

A review for this face product, you find here.

Face products – makeup bases:

4. „Prime and Fine” smoothing refiner from Catrice: I use it when I make a heavy make-up, not for the pores, but to „fill in” my acne scars. Considering the fact that it does a good job, I don’t need to look or invest in another product like this.

Prime and Fine-Catrice ealeganus

Face products – camouflage:

5. „Camouflage Cream” concealer from Catrice: one of the best face products, a member of my all time favorites. High coverage and long lasting, for a very small price. Suitable also for highlighting or correction of the eyebrows. I really recommend it.

Camouflage Cream-Catrice ealeganus

A review for this face product, you find here.

6. „Liquid Camouflage” concealer from Catrice: it’s a very weird product from my collection. Even though he is very good, with great coverage, waterproof and long lasting, I cannot deal with it. I will give it an extra chance with a Beauty Blender and if still I don’t like, I will not buy it again.

Liquid Camouflage-Catrice ealeganus

Face products – BB/CC/foundations:

7. „Nude Magique” CC-cream from L’Oreal mixed with „Normaderm Teint” foundation from Vichy: it’s my version of BB cream. The high coverage of the foundation mixed with the texture of the CC cream, results as a great product, with light texture, perfect for the daily makeup, specially for the Summer days. This duo is by far one of my all time favorites.

BB ealeganus

8. „True Match” foundation from L’Oreal: which I really like it and it’s perfect for daily use. It doesn’t feel heavy on the face, it has medium coverage and good resistance over the day. I think he will become soon a very loved product.

True Match-Loreal ealeganus

9. Korff foundation: I have it from Italy and it has the same texture as Photo Finish foundation from Catrice: high coverage, medium resistance, perfect for a special look. A few problems with its blending, but soon it will come a review for it.

Korff ealeganus

10. „Dermablend” foundation from Vichy: it’s just a sample, but considering the fact that it’s resistance is extremely small, I will not buy the full-size product ever. Even though it has an amazing coverage, I don’t think it deserves all this hype.

Dermablend-Vichy ealeganus

Face products – powders:

11. „All about matt” powder from Essence: very famous in Europe and for sure it deserves. It’s perfect for setting any kind of cream/liquid product. I really need to make a review for this product from my all time favorites.


12. „Multi-Glitz” powder from Radiant: it doesn’t work as setting product, but it’s a very nice highlighter or eyeshadow.

Radiant ealeganus

Face products – bronzers:

13. Bronzing powder from H&M: I think it is good enough for practicing this technique, because it has a very sheer finish.

H&M ealeganus

Face products – contouring powders:

14. Matt Bronzer from Catrice: another product very useful in learning the contouring technique. I like that it has a grey undertone, which I understood is very suitable for this.

Matt Bronzer-Catrice ealeganus

Face products – blushes:

15. Colour Adapting Blush from Essence: it’s my daily choice. The formula is very interesting, because it adapts it’s color according with the skin’s ph. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but as long as I pay attention to the dosage, it has a very nice finish.

Hello Autumn-Essence ealeganus

16. „Color Veil” blush from Kiko: because it’s higher pigmented, I keep it for the summer days.

Colour Veil-Kiko ealeganus

17. „Rock Attraction” blush from Kiko: I did not had the courage to use it yet, because it has a rubbery texture, which I don’t know exactly how to handle it. Any ideas?

Rock Attraction-Kiko ealeganus

18. The blushes from „Eye&Cheek palettes” from Sleek: even though they are beautiful and famous, I use them only when I use the palette itself, for a make-up. I know they are very loved, but I’m not interested in the full-size versions.

Sleek ealeganus

Face products – highlighters:

19. Highlighter powder from Catrice: I use it daily and I like it very much. Because it has a very sheer finish, it’s not dangerous if I have a too heavy hand with.

Highlighting Powder-Catrice ealeganus

20. „Beam of Light” highlighter from Kiko: I keep this one for the summer, because it has a stronger pay-off and it will be perfect for those days.

Beam of Light-Kiko ealeganus

Ladies, these are my all face products. As you can see, they are not too many, but I love them all.

I wait you next time, with the second post from this series, about the eyebrows products.

I wish you a beautiful week and meanwhile don’t hesitate to follow me on the other Social Media accounts: Facebook Page Instagram Instagram2 Pinterest Tumblr Snupps Google+

Hakuna Matata,

ealeganus xXx

p.s. If you see any grammar mistakes or any weird expressions, please feel free to tell me. My life is shared between 3 foreign languages and sometimes I make mistakes.